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TruLaw’s mission is to provide clear and effective legal counsel to the state of Nevada. For many years law firms have made things more difficult and more stressful than it needs to be and TruLaw is here to change that. 

We are committed to being a specialized law firm that brings a heightened level of expertise to 3 main areas of law: Estate Planning & Probate, Bankruptcy, and Personal Injury. Combinging our expertise and years of experience with our down-to-earth approach we want to cut out the hassle and headache that comes with legal practices. We are here to help and take pride in serving the Las Vegas community and Nevada as a whole.

Matthew McArthur

Matthew McArthur is the founding partner of TruLaw and has 12+years of experience in a variety of different areas of law.

Matthew was recognized as a top lawyer in the Las Vegas, NV area and recieved 2 awards in 2021 by Vegas Inc. and Nevada Business Magazine Legal Elite recognizing him for his expertise in law as well as his top performance and care with his clients.

Matthew McArthur